Buy store sell

Buy, Store and Sell

Keep going, be financially strong & generate profit !!

If you are willing to make some money or you can always sell back the purchased product to us at attractive rates. LBMAGT offers our customers a buy back facility for our products that you stored with brinks after purchase from our online store.



  1. Encash your gold.
  2. Get the best rate to sell your gold stored in the brinks primacies.
  3. Money transferred to your bank account. (you will have to update us with your bank information in advance)
  4. You can also authorised us to transfer the amount to your loved once. (Pre-Authorization required)



  1. Register yourself with us.
  2. Purchase the product and select the option for store to keep your product in brinks primacies under your control.
  3. Whenever you want to sell the same product visit our website store:
    1. select sell option we will facilitate you with a buy back options with current rates as applicable
    2. confirm that you have read and understand the sales and purchase agreement.
    3. Proceed for the sell and we will transfer the amount into your bank account

Note: You need to provide us your bank account details in order to process the payment.

  1. You will get a verification call on your registered contact no.
  2. The amount will be transferred to your account after the approval from the compliance team.


For any further queries please contact us on our email support@lbmagold.ae