Buy Store Mortgage

Buy, Store and Mortgage

Be ready for any emergencies !! 

If you need money for short or long period of time no need to worry about. Now we offer mortgage options to our customers those who choose their product to be stored with brinks. You can mortgage the purchased gold with a leading UAE bank such as Emirates NBD.

You just need to visit our website and store and select the option for mortgage for your product stored with Binks and we will facilitate you to get a up to 80% of the current value of your product with better interest rates through the Bank.



  1. Quick execution
  2. Less hassle with banks and documents. (Subject to approval from the Bank’s KYC, and due diligence process )
  3. Get up to 80% of the current gold rate.
  4. Easy instalments
  5. Receive your money into your bank account.


  1. Register yourself with us.
  2. Purchase the product and select the option for store to keep your product in brinks primacies under your control.
  3. Whenever you want to mortgage the same product visit our website store and select mortgage option.
  4. Submit the KYC requirements for the bank for the purpose of compliance due diligence.
  5. Receive the money into your bank account after the approval from Bank’s compliance department.


For any further queries please contact us on our email support@lbmagold.ae